Get a Scoolcard (For ISH-Students)

What is the Scoolcard?
Scoolcard is a pre-paid debit card, which supplies a safe and easy way to make payment transactions at school. You can manage the balance of the card online with the use of a personal account. There are different ways to make a deposit on your Scoolcard account, like PayPal. A benefit of the Scoolcard system is the possibility to monitor the eating patterns of the student. We can use this information to give students valuable insight into their eating patterns. Markies Catering will share this information with parents and the schoolboard. In this way we make sure you will receive the proper tools to monitor and guide your children’s eating behavior. To make sure that the Scoolcard will be even more fun to use for the students, we will offer a range of exclusive Scoolcard promotions. These promotions will of course be healthy of nature or will contain an education value.

Note: The balance you put on the Scoolcard is at all times free to withdrawal back to your bank account by one click on a button on your personal Scoolcard account.

How can I apply for a Scoolcard?
Sign up for a Scoolcard by filling in the form below:

When is my Scoolcard ready?
You will receive in your e-mail inbox of the e-mail address you signed up with, a notification with a personal code to activate the Scoolcard. It takes a few days, (<8 business days) to create the personalized Scoolcard. We will inform you when the card is ready and available for you to pick up at the Markies Catering counter.

How can I store credit on my Scoolcard?
In the manual below you can find information about how you can store credit on the Scoolcard.

Manual Scoolcard